Welcome to acadiacamper.com
Welcome to acadiacamper.com

Thinking about camping in Acadia National Park?

We provide a hassle free camping experience! All you do is rent a campsite at any of the local campgrounds and then rent a camper from us.


We deliver and set up your camper on the day you arrive!  Then, we pick up the camper the day you leave.


Our rates start at $350.00 for a three day stay or $600.00 for a week. The length of your stay depends on you.


The rental fee includes a 15x13 screenhouse, a 2 burner stove, a lantern,a dorm size refrigerator , and an extra cooler, and 4 chairs for your firepit.  If you rent a campsite with electricity you can take advantage of the built in lighting and heated beds for those cool Maine nights. 


Inside the camper there are 2 full beds which can accommodate 4 people as well as a kitchen table that folds down to a bed. 


We start taking reservations in January. Call today about availability for summer 2024 We can be reached at (207)812-6888, just ask for Mike.

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