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Welcome to acadiacamper.com

Bar Harbor Maine 

What we offer

 Welcome to Acadia camper! What we do is provide a hassle free camping experience where you rent a campsite from a local campground and we deliver the camper the day you arrive. Upon your exit, we pick up the day you leave and we do not require you to rent for a full week from Saturday to Saturday. Please choose your vacation; three, five day or seven days starting whenever you like. At Acadia National park, one thing you should know is that a pass is required to use the park and the park's facilities i. It is good for traveling throughout the park and you can buy a weekly pass, yearly pass or a national pass, which lets you use national parks all over the country. Either way, a pass is required to use the park's facilities. 

Also located on the southwest side are all the other campgrounds. There are roughly twelve private campgrounds with over 1,000 campsites. Please go to my listing of local campgrounds where the names and links are included. Each campground has their own unique set of rules and their rates differ from site to site. Most of the private campgrounds have amenities such as hot showers, swimming pools, free wi-fi and a general store. In fact, some of the campgrounds will let  you make reservations, but some don't take reservations at all and they work on a first-come first-served basis.

 What is unique about our service is if you  rent a camper you would have to bring it from the point of rental which is usually close to where you live. That requires you to pick it up a day early and to leave a day sooner to make sure you brought it back on time. Also, it requires owning a vehicle or an SUV with a trailer hitch. If you figure the cost on fuel and the tolls you will save so much money by renting a camper from me so  we let you enjoy your time. Enjoy your vacation and you won't ever have to worry about making it home in time to drop it off. We drop it off the day you check-in and on the morning you leave, we pick up the camper so there's no rush to go home if you need to stop. Please, do a little shopping before you leave, take the kids to the beach have another trip to another destination. Our  season starts Memorial Day weekend and ends  toward the end of October  we have  special fall rates starting in after Labor day there are lots of uses for camper rentals besides traditional camping at a campground if you are staying at a private home on the island and you need extra space people tend to rent campers for extra space and the kids love it. Parents get beds and the kids get to camp with their cousins, adding to a whole new experience. Please give us a call today and let's see what we can do for you! Thanks Mike (207)812-6888 PS call me anytime



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